INFINILUBE is a proud sponsor of the 2014 J/24 US Nationals and the Windmill Class North Americans!
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In the battle of lubricants InfiniLube™ wins. InfiniLube does not drip or stick, will not dissolve synthetic bearings. This lubricant is formulated using advanced aerospace technology for extended intervals reducing equipment maintenance. InfiniLube is now available in a nine-ounce aerosol can rather than just in bulk and it costs less than other products per ounce.

Resistant to Water Washout , InfiniLube penetrates, dries fast with Corrosion Inhibitors and has up to 500% more active product per can. This state-of-the art synthetic is eco friendly, ensuring the highest qualitly with prduction sample tested and certified by independent laboratories.

The patented formula is in the defense systems that protect our country, aircraft, aerospace, automotive, yacht racing, cycling, moto-cross, around your home for your sliding doors and windows, your lawnmower, garage door, locks, fishing gear, toolbox drawers, garden tools, trailer hitches… the list goes on.

Temperature ranges of -80º to 300º make InfiniLube ideal for harsh environments, reduces cleaning time and sticking peroblem for high performance equipment.

InfiniLube offers excellent lubricity, extreme pressure and anti-wear properties, resistance to fuel and oxidizers with excellent long-term anti-corrosion characteristics. Some of these synthetic lubricants have been specifically formulated to operate in a high vacuum environment for extended periods of time.*

Our unique Trademark Lubee Sail Track Applicator (Patent Pending) has arrived with 4-ounce squeeze bottle for $24.95. Be the last in your fleet to go up the mast in a bossun's chair!!!

InfiniLube was made for demanding applications that demand quality.

*For more information on this, see the results of independent lab tests on our Comparisons page.